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How Events works

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Polish Modo
Polish Modo
All things you need to know about Events. When and for how long they will stay.

!Mix Big Event!

First of all.
This event will start only after restart of the server. Big restart when something will be changed in game.

Event is divided to High lvl and Low lvl stage.

High lvl event is for 60+ lvl members. Mixz / Sulake do it.
Spawns: Isy, Lord, Shaitan.

Low lvl event is for 1-60 lvl members. Gatuso / Maolat / Eddy do it.
Spawns: TG, Uru, Ivy, Cerber.

!Normal Events!

Those small Events are everyday. Eddy / Maolat / Gatuso do it.

That kind of events is not divided. (AS) Spawns some ivy, tg , isy. They make TG Giant or Mangyong Party giant Titan and all players attack it till it die. After Special monster die, One of (AS) give you gift for few days.

We will always tell you about the event in our Chat box. You wont miss any of them.

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