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New Update In V2

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1New Update In V2 Empty New Update In V2 on Thu 16 Dec - 12:37

Hi all this is SroNova Team:
Sulake and Mixz have work in V2 for new updates:

1 Fixed bug: Speed animations
2 Fixed bug: Picking up items
3 Fixed bug: Buying EU items from npc
4 Fixed bug: Skill usage
5 Fixed bug: Pet spawning
6 Fixed bug: Pet Respawn
7 Fixed bug: (Endreceive issues)
8 Fixed bug: Exploit disconnection speed hack
9 Fixed bug: Basic skill attack for all weapon types
10 Added grabPet inventory system
11 Added grabpet movement system (corrected)
12Added grabpet grabfunction ( Gold only at the
moment )
13 Added more skills
14 Added base for status effects
15 Added base for skydrome movement
16 Added base for arrow key movement
17 Added anti-hacking module
18 Added angle check for movement
19 Updated drop system for ETC items (Non quest drops).
20 Updated movement system checks
21 Updated attack system checks intervals
22 Updated timer system for callback checks
23 Disabled stall / party / exchange until i finish them!

By SroNova Team

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