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Updates Achive

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1Updates Achive Empty Updates Achive on Wed 1 Dec - 13:00

Update 3.0.0(Coming Soon)
*Switching to Client 1.265

Update 2.2.X
*Guild System added

Update 2.1.2
*new drop system
*fix crash on pvp if player is already killed by someone alse while other player still using combo
*pk bug fixed
*performance updates in server monster map prepare
*click on horse crash bug fixed
*no more lvl 91 bug.
*autofixing account with 91 lvl bug
*attack distance bugs fixes

Update 2.1.1
*Anti cheat/hacking software added(Sea Guard Hacking Prevention System)

Update 2.1.0
*Performance Patch added
*Server Stability 100%
*GM invisibil added
*Some Fixes in Dropingsystem

Update 2.0.9
*Performance update less lags
*new database and security patches added

Update 2.0.8
*Increase amount of mob spawn. Changed from 14k to 27k. Spawn 3x faster.
*Fixed attack bug.
*Fixed transport movement and part of coordinate system (no more random crashes).
*Hp damage fixed.

Update 2.0.7
*Monster combo attack works.
*Gm invisible added.
*Pvp crashes fixed.
*Cape bug fixed.
*Walls bug fixed.
*Mob attack after player stand up fixed.
*Fixed some things in drop system.
*Full int and full str fixed.
*Storage bug fixed.(Gold will now get saved too)

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2Updates Achive Empty Re: Updates Achive on Wed 1 Dec - 15:22


Polish Modo
Polish Modo
It's no needed to copy Home page into the forum.

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